This week my Motley Thoughts turned, as they will during a pandemic, to plagues in the past, and the treatments they used. Below is the first page of the three page illustrated letter I sent this week. If you would like to join the Motley Crew and receive the letter every Sunday click here to fill out the form.

Read Justinian’s Flea by William Rosen. The blurb says
Justinian’s Flea is a unique account of one of history’s great turning points – the summer of 542 – revealed through the experiences of the remarkable individuals whose lives are a window onto a remarkable age: Justinian, his general Belisarius, the greatest soldier between Caesar and Saladin; his architect, Anthemius who built Constantinople’s Hagia Sophia (and whose brother, Alexander, was the great physician of the plague years); Tribonian, the jurist who created the Justinianic Code; and, finally, his empress Theodora, the one-time prostitute who became co-ruler of the empire, the most politically powerful woman in European history until Elizabeth I’.