Or Candy Floss, as we call it in the UK, was first made in a machine by a dentist!

Sugar has been produced in India since ancient times, it was expensive to produce. Most of the world used honey as a sweetener. Around the 5th Century Indians discovered a method of turning sugarcane juice into granulated crystals, which were easier to store and transport. Gradually sugar made it’s way to Europe.

Candy floss was first made in the 18th Century out of spun sugar, but since sugar was such an expensive ingredient, only the very rich could afford it. In the early 19th century, Germany began to grow sugar beet, and invented a method of extracting the sugar. This method was much cheaper and made sugar available to everyone.

In 1897 William Morrison (a dentist) and John C. Wharton (a confectioner) invented a machine to spin and heat the sugar and, by adding air to the mixture, create a much larger serving of floss.

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