If you would like to have a fun night at the end of the year, you could follow the traditions of 12 countries. I expand more on the actual traditions in my free weekly letter. Click here to subscribe.

Small print:
I take no responsibility or liability for any damages arising from, but not limited to anything on the following list!

Times are based on UK time

  1. Get very drunk (Worldwide)
  2. Make a lot of noise with pots & pans (New Zealand) 13 hours before midnight,
    drink beer.
  3. Ring a bell 108 times (Japan) 9 hours before midnight, drink sake.
  4. Wear polka dots and eat round fruit (The Philippines) 8 hours before midnight, drink beer.
  5. Let the old year out of the house & the new year in, then first foot (Scotland) at midnight (UK time) drink malt whisky (no ice!).
  6. Eat 12 grapes in 12 seconds (Spain) 1 hour after midnight, drink sherry.
  7. Wear masks and dance (Romania) 2 hours after midnight, drink tuicå (made from plums).
  8. Eat a meal consisting of 12 dishes representing the 12 months of the year (Belarus) 3 hours after midnight, drink Krambambula (a mixture of vodka, honey and herbs).
  9. Fill a bucket with water and throw it out of a window (Puerto Rico) 4 hours before midnight, drink Piña Colada.
  10. Predict your financial future with potatoes (Peru) 5 hours after midnight,
    drink Pisco Sour.
  11. Share the colour of your underwear (Mexico) 6 hours after midnight, drink tequila.
  12. Drop a potato from a great height (Idaho, USA) 7 hours after midnight, drink Bourbon.

My friend, if you do all of the 12 traditions, you deserve an extra day off to recover.
Wishing you all the very best for 2021