Cooper Creek is part of the Cooper Channel system, draining an area of 296000km² in Australia’s interior. Conservationists consider this system to be of world environmental significance. Indigenous Australians have lived in the area for at least 50,000 years.

The Diyari is an indigenous Australian group and language of the South Australian desert. The traditional lands of the Diyari included some of Cooper Creek. The emu was their favourite food.

The Diyari creation story imagined Mooramoora, the good spirit, making small black lizards at first, and being delighted with them. Mooramoora then cut off the lizard’s tail, and used it to create a nose – to create man; then dividing man into male and female. Mooramoora then had the Moon create all the other creatures. Man could not run down the fleet, tasty emu, so the deity was asked to make heat, so that the emu would tire and allow men to catch it. Mooramoora created the sun.