One day, it started to rain. And it rained like it had never rained before. Rain fell for days and days and the world became flooded with water. Two young men, Bil-bil the Rainbow Lorikeet brothers, had no shelter, so they asked Goorialla, the great serpent, for help.

Goorialla was hungry and tricked the young men “I have no shelter, but you can hide in my mouth. You’ll be safe from the rain in there.” The young men climbed into Goorialla’s mouth and he closed it shut, swallowing both men.

Goorialla soon realised that people would notice the young men were missing and come looking for them. He knew they would find their tracks leading right into his mouth. He didn’t want to be caught and so he decided to hide in the only place he knew he would be safe, the sky.

He hid in the sky away from the people chasing him, but he saw their sadness at losing the Rainbow Lorikeet brothers. He decided to try and make them happy again, so he turned his body into a big arc of beautiful colours.

Now, just after it rains, you can see Goorialla the Rainbow Serpent sharing his beautiful colours with the people on the ground, as his way of saying sorry for eating the Rainbow Lorikeet brothers.’                      

One version of a traditional Aboriginal creation story.