(8) Zephyrus the West Wind carries Psyche away to meet her pre-destined dragon husband.
(9) But instead, he leaves her in a meadow, where she falls asleep (it’s been an exhausting day).
(10) When Psyche wakes up, she finds herself next to a beautiful palace and she enters.
(11) The palace belongs to Cupid and he has arranged for Psyche to be brought there. They become lovers, on the condition they meet in darkness and that she never sees his face*.
(12) Psyche’s sisters visit and tell her to light a lamp so she can see her lover.
(13) The sisters leave.
(14) Psyche lights a lamp and is so astonished by Cupid’s beauty that she spills oil from the lamp onto his arm and wakes him
(15) Cupid flies away. Psyche clings to him and pleads with him to stay.

* Obviously they meet in a dark room, so Psyche could not see Cupid’s face. I suppose a pitch-black room was too hard to paint.