Apologies for the size of the second panel. It is in a private collection and I could only find one low resolution image, so I could not enlarge it.

(16) Psyche can’t hold onto Cupid and falls down.
(17) Cupid hovers above Psyche, lamenting his love and her disobedience. He then flies away.
(18) In her sorrow Psyche attempts to drown herself, but the river throws her back out of its waters, and the God Pan consoles her.
(19) Psyche then begs Ceres the Goddess of corn to protect her – and is rejected.
(20) Psyche turns to Juno, Queen of the Gods, who rejects her because Psyche is enslaved to the goddess Venus.
(21) Psyche is captured by one of Venus’s servants.
(22) Psyche is taken to Venus, where she is whipped and made to undertake four tasks.
(23) Cupid begs the King of Gods Jupiter to be allowed to rescue Psyche and marry her.