Sadly, but not unexpectedly given that he was 99 years old, Prince Philip died this week. Philip was Duke of Edinburgh, a city I am very fond of, both for its charms and also because I was born there. The title Duke of Edinburgh is not an ancient title, there have only been four Dukes of Edinburgh.

It is customary that titles are given to princes when they marry. So Prince Philip was made hereditary Duke of Edinburgh when he married Princess Elizabeth.

Philip’s titles have gone to his eldest son, Prince Charles, who is now (amongst his other titles), Duke of Edinburgh.

Once Charles becomes King all the titles that are given to the heir to the throne go to Prince William.

Then Charles can give the title Duke of Edinburgh to Prince Edward. When Edward married he was made an earl but was promised the dukedom after his father died – athough he only gets the title after both his father & mother die, and his brother becomes king.

My Motley Thoughts this week mention the second Duke of Edinburgh, who later became George III.

The picture is of Prince Philip at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, wearing his Duke’s coronet.