After Emily made her debut at court she was free to enjoy the season, provided she had a chaperone. Emily married Peter Clavering-Cowper, 5th Earl Cowper, when she was 18. He was nine years her senior. Lord Cowper had a reputation for dullness and slowness of speech, while Emily was witty and loved society.

Emily threw herself into the Ton social scene, becoming one of the patronesses of the highly exclusive Almack Club. She was beautiful, charming & kind. Emily had a few love affairs but the longest was with Viscount Palmerston. When Lord Cowper died, Emily and Palmerston married; both were in their 50’s. Emily was therefore sister to one Prime Minister and wife to another. Lord Palmerston was twice Prime Minister and Emily was the perfect society hostess. Emily died aged 81 (four years after her husband).