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Hello! I hope you enjoy my thoughts about London, history and urban myths, with the occasional random, quirky post. If you would like to receive the blog as a weekly email, please sign up to the Motley Crew, on my Contact page. Comments are welcome x


Hi, my name is Kate. I love summarising to make history, folklore and the quirkiness of British life enjoyable to my reader. I hope you like the blog – please comment and also suggest any subjects.

Motley is a word with several definitions but was first used to describe the multicoloured mixture of fabric in a jester’s costume. I hope that my bog is a mixture of the interesting, amusing and quirky.

I love the idea of my readers being a Motley Crew. But my understanding from literature was that a Motley Crew were disreputable pirates (which may only describe some of you!). Luckily another definition is of a group of people quite different from each other, but who get along well, which describes my friends & readers.

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I was born and brought up in the highlands of Scotland but have loved living in London for most of my adult life. Apart from a year in Germany and four years in Boston, USA.

I have been a nurse, a project manager, a website content editor and ran my own crafts business. I love history, interesting facts about anything & everything, museums, travel, crafts and process improvement! I am a reluctant cook.

I am a widow with a teenage daughter. My husband died of MSA.

“I insist that you shall write whatever comes first, – what you see, what you read, what you hear, what you admire, what you dislike; trifles, bagatelles, nonsense, or, to fill up a corner, e’en put down a laugh at full length.”
Robert Burns

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